Bike computers for skis.

Current Speed, Average Speed,
The skiometer evolved from the need for information necessary for monitoring my progress while nordic skiing. I then realized that it could apply to alpine skiing when interfaced with an altimeter. If you've used a road or computer then you know the value of the information they offer. That same information is now available to alpine and nordic skiers and is every bit as useful.

Light,Tough,Accurate and Reliable
Based on an adaptation of a wireless bike computer and altimeter the Skiometer weighs just 3.5 oz (Nordic) 5.5 (Alpine). Precision wheel bearings allow accurate reliable readings from the wireless wristwatch readout. Made from tough impact resistant plastics the Skiometer can easily survive the punishment of even the most aggressive skier.

Fun and Useful
Get a pack of friends together and see who can go the fastest. Or keep track of how many runs you ski (or vertical ft.). Check you average speed over the same course. Keep track of you mileage. The SkiometerHM integrates with a heart monitor sensor giving heart rate data also. This is an extremely useful tool for the serious skier and lots of fun for the recreational enthusiast.